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Optical Sorting Service
In order to reach requirements on automatic assembly and zero mix part,Lih Ta invest huge amount on purchasing screw automatic optical sorting machines.

Automatic optical sorting on head dia,head height, thread dia, length and important dimension.

On the appearance, we can judge on exist thread, Head Crack、Bevel Thread / Deformed、Surface Flaw、Off-Color.

If you have inquiry on sorting screw,please do not hesitate contact us.

  • No.1,Hong-sheng Street,Lien-ding Village Kweishan Shiang Dist.,Taoyuan City Taiwan.
  • Area of Plant: 5000 square meters
  • TEL:886-3-320-6972
  • FAX:886-3-320-6973
  • Main Product: Fasteners (M0.6~M6) , Micro Screws , Electronic Parts ,Automobile Parts , Optical Sorting.
  • Certification: ISO/TS 16949 , ISO 9001 , ISO 14001 , OHSAS 18001
Sorting Size Length Speed Price
M0.8-M5 2mm-25mm 500-800pcs/min Call